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Experience a

Day Away

Regardless of occupation, we could all use a "day away." Whether you are a pastor, a parent, or a healthcare worker - we offer space and solitude for you to relax and recharge. Come experience the beauty and stillness of Our Lady of the Pines and spend a "day away" enjoying our indoor facilities and grounds.

Call 419-332-6522 to schedule.

You can also purchase a "Day Away" Gift Certificate in our Gift Shop!


What's Included?


Access to all indoor & outdoor amenities including library, sitting rooms, patios, bikes, etc; only $15 for the day!*

Food Storage

Guest refrigerators are located on the second and first floors, should you wish to bring a packed lunch. Complimentary coffee and tea provided.

Private Room

A day away can mean physical rest, as well as spiritual. For an additional $40 you can rent one of our cozy guest rooms for the day (9am-4pm only).


Our building is equipped with WiFi and each room has its own AC/heating system. 

Day Aways are scheduled per individual, meaning we will work with your schedule to find a time for your Day Away to take place. 

*Day Aways are only available during business hours, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
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