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A taste

of quiet living

Hellbrook Hermitage Cabin

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Tree Stump

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"At the end of my rope from working two jobs (60 hours - one office, one physical) plus trying to keep up with home, teaching a class one night/week, the stress of the pandemic and the financial strain that has resulted, I was ready to break. Several people close to me recognized it and pushed me to get away. So I ran away from home for a few days… to The Hermitage.


Having spent an overnight there in May 2019, I basically knew what to expect so was even more prepared and more ready for the getaway than before, and scheduled an additional overnight (Fri/Sat/leave Sun).


The drive over (from Cleveland) was peaceful and lovely, as my first stop was Bark Pantry, then to Clyde for a massage, then downtown Fremont to Down Thyme Café for a fancy coffee before driving up the hill to the retreat center.


EVERYTHING was absolutely picture-perfect. I’m a “hot summer” gal who has had next to no time to enjoy it, so the weather couldn’t have been more to my liking. The grounds were perfectly manicured, lovely as usual, serene, and obviously uncrowded as I was the ONLY retreatant on the property. Everything about my cabin was perfect. Sitting on the porch on Friday night to “just breathe” with a cup of tea, watching the fawns prancing around with their parents, the wild turkey here and there, the birdies chirping and tree locusts humming, the soft warm breeze… I FINALLY had an opportunity to SIT… BE STILL…


Participated in “Yoga In The Yard” on Saturday morning. How special was THAT!!! Incredible. I felt at least a foot taller the rest of the day, and my posture was noticeably straighter… after only an one hour class!!! Amazing.


Time alone with the Lord. Time to breathe in fresh air, enjoy the beauty of His creation, experience His presence all around me on that holy ground. I NEEDED THIS. And I’ve realized that this is a “MUST DO” for me. My plan is to come again next July, and to add even an additional night. My body, mind, spirit… all of my being… needs this.


THANK YOU for creating this place and this space, for making a way for rest, refreshment, stillness, breathing, just ‘being’."

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More about the hermitages...

Nestled amidst the pine trees on the northeast side of the property, two small cabins await individuals who seek a respite from the noise and chaos of everyday life.  Available year-round, the hermitages, as they are known, allow a space for personal retreats and quiet reflection. 


More than 25 years ago, the hermitages were only a dream in the hearts of Mercy Sisters Breta Gorman and Marianne Longo.  However, with the financial assistance of Sisters Pat Schnapp, RSM, and Noel Frey, RSM, along with Board Member Barbara Wagner the dream turned to reality.  On April 6, 2002, thanks to the additional assistance of 35 volunteers, ground was broken for the hermitages, with first occupancy occurring in mid-February of the following year.  The names for the cabins come from Mercy tradition:  Carlow, in memory of one of the first foundations established in Ireland by Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy; and Bellbrook, in memory of the family home of Frances Warde, foundress of the American Sisters of Mercy. 


Guests of Bellbrook and Carlow are welcome to use the amenities of the retreat center during business hours.  Some people come for a night; others visit for a couple of weeks each year.  No matter the frequency or duration of one’s stay, the peace that encompasses the holy ground of Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center permeates the two small cabins in the evergreen forest.

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