Hosted Retreats

We give you the space, and you let your spirits soar to new heights

as you grow closer to God, self, others, and all creation. 

Learn more about what the Retreat Center has to offer below.

Day Retreats: 



            2020 - $13 per person, per day

            2021 - $13 per person, per day

            2022 - $13 per person, per day

Maximum Occupancy  120 people


Use of conference space(s) and our equipment, as well as use of our amenities.

Overnight Retreats:  

*The below rates are per night per person unless it is designated as a couple's room.

Rates*:                                        2020-2021                         2022

Standard Single Room:                 $68                                $70

Select Single Room:                       $73                                $75

Standard Shared Room                $98                                $101

Select Shared Room                      $100                              $103

McAuley Dorm Room:                   $68-$56.55                   $70-$58

(A select room is a room with a private bath attached whereas a standard room has no private bath. We have 10 select rooms and 27 standard rooms.)

Sandusky County Bed Tax: ALL retreat groups are subject to the Sandusky County Bed Tax.

See Attorney General Opinion 90-095 #6: "Transactions by which lodging is furnished to, and paid for by, a religious or charitable organization or a representative or employee thereof are subject to taxation under R.C. 5739.024"

Minimum Overnight Occupancy:   10 people.

*If your group is smaller than 10 people we can accept your reservation if another group is in house or if you choose to pay the Minimum Operating Fee.

Maximum Overnight Occupancy: 
a) 37 if each person has their own room

b) 44 if rooms are shared and each bed is utilized by one person

c) 51 if all beds are utilized to their maximum capacity


Use of conference space(s) and our equipment, as well as use of our amenities.


Also available at the Retreat Center is the ability to have meals provided by our staff as we are a licensed kitchen in good standing with the Ohio Health Department (OHD). Should your group opt to partake in meals provided by the Retreat Center, our excellent dietary staff will prepare fresh made meals served buffet style. 

Cost/Availability:  Prices listed below are per person, per number of meals


                                                                                      2020-2021              2022

-Continental Breakfast is served at 8:00 A.M.       $5.00                  $5.25   

-Hot breakfast is served at 8:00 A.M.                       $10.00                $10.50

-Brunch is served at 10:30 A.M.                                 $15.00                $15.75

-Lunch is served at 12:00 P.M. (Noon)                      $10.00                $10.50

-Dinner is served at 5:00 P.M.                                    $12.00                $12.60

We also offer the option for your group to provide your own meals, but please note, our kitchen is not available for guest use due to our licensure. We do, however, have a snack area available which includes a guest refrigerator (no freezer) and microwave. Guests are also allowed to bring crock pots, or have people drop food off to the Retreat Center during their stay. Should your group choose to provide your own meals, you will also be responsible for bringing all serving wares such as plates, forks, spoons, serving utensils, knives, etc., due to the cross-contamination codes set forth by the OHD. 


Should your group decide that you would like to book your retreat with us, you would just need to call our office at 419-332-6522 so we can fill out a reservation form of which you will receive a copy containing all the details. A non-refundable deposit would then be due (around 25% off the estimated maximum due) within two weeks of the booking date. (We also offer installment plans for the deposit as we understand retreatants tend to pay closer to the retreat date.) Once the deposit is received by OLPRC we would send you a confirmation email for your reservation which would include our policies and procedures, our Terms of Service, and the Accommodation Request Form (ARF). These forms are then due 14 days prior to the start date of your retreat and any changes made within 14 days of your retreat date cannot be guaranteed. The final balance would be owed upon arrival and must be in the form of one payment.



Reflection Room (1)

Reflection Room (2)


Art Room

Walking Labyrinth

Finger Labyrinth

Fire Pit

Exercise Room

Meditation Deck
Marian Grotto

Indoor Stations of the Cross

Outdoor Stations of the Cross

Walking Paths and Outdoor Benches



Environment Decorations

*OLPRC reserves the right to vary prices and rates in the event increases are made by wholesalers, service providers, tax changes, or any other reason. 


Please consider donating to Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center so we may continue offering Retreat
opportunities to all those who seek a deeper relationship with God, self, others, and all creation.


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